Fundraiser cycling events


Feb 7, 2016
I would like to coordinate a fundraiser cycling event to raise money for a local food bank that feeds the homeless and low income families in my hometown. Would I need to talk to my local county officials or who exactly would I speak to about this? Have any of you ever organized something like this?
We have here a proposal for one presidential candidate to organize a leisure tour in honor of the adopted children (that candidate is an adopted child). For this, the budget would come from the candidate's kitty. But for a benefit race, you need a permit from the local government, the mayor probably. And next is the proper authority like a registered cycling club in the town or a national sports association. You cannot just hold an event without permits.
I'm sure there is some type of council that you need to get in contact with about permits and things of that sort.
Okay, here's some things you would need to take care of:
  • First off, the sponsors for the event, you would need to find them so they can fund the necessities of the event.
  • Then, you would need to find the staff for the event. Have friends, relatives and neighbours devote some time for this since it's a worthy cause.
  • In case you would need road closures, then you would have to talk to the local officials or the community's officials. Since you would also be using public roads, you need to talk to the local councils about this. You would need to obtain permits as well.
  • The emcee, figure out who would host the event.
  • The necessary props before, during and after the event. It also includes the plaques and rewards for the winners.
  • Some VIP guests and speakers, if you would like to have them.
  • An ambulance or first aid rescuers in case an accident occurs.
  • What will you use to record the event? How about speakers and microphones where will you get them?
  • How would you promote the event to have some registered members?
That's about it... I hope this can help you!
Yes, I definitely think you will need to contact someone to get a permit. Overall, that is great evento you are trying to run. I love charity events.
That's a really great idea. You can exercise and help the world around you. I would contact some officials to get permission and maybe even raise awareness. Then I would contact some local schools and churches to see if they would be willing to participate. I hope this all goes well for you.
Do some research on your county's public page. You can usually find information there and even the right contacts to get the answers in a quick manner. I would definitely plan ahead, as these permits can take time to approve. Also, if you want to really make a big splash with this event, create a public page on Facebook or other social media network and advertise, advertise, advertise. You can share in many of the "garage sale" and "swap" groups as well to get the word out.

How awesome of you to want to put something together. I hope it's a blast.

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