Funny and sometimes mysterious road signs


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Feb 3, 2018
There are some road signs that are quite funny and there are signs that are would make you thinko_O about 5 times on what it really means here's an example.
Okay I have a good one, this sign can be found near every train station and it's tracks. It basically means don't run and chase trains.


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Okay the next roadsigns I got only applies to male cyclists and commuters, it's a bit sexist because how come girls are allowed lol.

It means No Urinating at the Road Side. Now the Scissors well it would make you stop and think alot lolo_O
This sign is self explanatoryo_O. The one who made it was probably drunk or worst he may not be drunk at all:)

It means a lot of "****" accidents are happening thereo_O. It should have been "Prone".
This is a sign that you'll see a lot on metro manila. It literally means "Crossing May Kill You".
Here's another sign that you'll see in main roads where lots of people sometimes cross without observing proper crossing regulations. The authorities got tired of people crossing a no crossing zone so they put up a sign which means "No Crossing, Someone died here already".

After they put up this sign, no one dared crossing the road again.
It's funny that some people make them on purpose. We like to think that road signs are products of mistakes and such. But some people might find them effective since it makes people think instead of simply ignoring the signs altogether.
Those are pretty funny and just goes to show that sometimes you have to intimidate and scare people so that they follow the rules.

This is a food stall sign board and you can easily see how the menu is eloquently written. o_O


This next sign is a good one a corruption of the brand starbucks, in the past about 3 years ago, you can see street peddlers selling sticks of cigarettes to motorists in the streets and busy main roads, but right now it's strictly illegal for street peddlers to sell cigarettes, we have new laws now.