funny answers to unicycle questions?

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    We all get asked the same questions a million times. "Where's your other
    wheel?" "How long have you been riding that thing?" "How long did it
    take you to learn?" "Can't you afford a second wheel?" "You can actually
    go offroad with that?" "Doesn't that hurt?" "Will you be able to have
    children later in life?"

    Well, I'm sure that some of us have come up with either smart, witty, or
    funny answers to these questions that they would be willing to share.
    Please make contributions if you have any. Thanks.


    tennisgh22 - Learning to muni

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    tennisgh22 wrote:
    > *We all get asked the same questions a million times. "Where's your
    > other wheel?" *

    On my other unicycle!
    tennisgh22 wrote:"How long have you been riding that
    > thing?"*

    A couple days, (then do a good trick)
    tennisgh22 wrote:"You can actually go offroad with
    > that?"*

    Always wear your "do the muni" shirt
    tennisgh22 wrote:"Will you be able to have children
    > later in life?" *

    Absolutely not, i got my tubes tied. haha

    gpickett00 - I can ride with just one foot!!!!!!

    Bicycle is just a short way of saying unicycle with a training wheel.
    'Our unicycling video' (
    > I like to do things that confuse other people - mix chocolate milk and
    > orange juice, read books in trees, and other junk like that.

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  4. Mikefule

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    When asked by an angler (fisherman) where my other wheel was (he was
    clearly showing off to a whole group of his fisherman friends) I
    retorted, "I parked it next to your trawler."

    That confused him.

    Does that thing have any brakes? Yes... when my head hits the floor, I

    My two all time favourite daft comments from the public:

    1) What's up? Your mum and dad poor?

    2) (After watching me ride the Coker up and over an earth bank, ducking
    under a low branch, and swooping down a short steep slope) "Hah! I can
    do that with no wheels at all!"

    Mikefule - Roland Hope School of Unicycling

    So many pedestrians tell me I've lost a wheel.
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  7. leo

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    "How long did it take you to learn?"
    untill I was able to do it.

    "Doesn't that hurt?"
    After a while you wont feel anything anymore.

    "How did you learn to ride?"
    by practising.

    "How do you do that?"

    leo - errorist

    Leo Vandewoestijne.
    (lay? oh! fun-duh-who-styne-uhh) / 1-866-UNI-CYCL / 0800-UNICYCLE
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  9. If they say 'where's your handlebars?' say 'I shaved them off' or 'I've
    never had a mustache'.
    Or if they ask 'where's the other half' say 'My other half, I think
    she's gone shopping' or 'I left her at home doing the washing.

    I've noticed that now its getting warmer and there's more people about I
    keep getting my photo taken, so now I always say 'CHEESE'

    Matt.P.Herbert - Muni Hungry Newbie
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  10. mucRider

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    I was out riding this morning and some guy provided his own funny reply.
    He saw me coming and after grinning a big smile, he yelled "anything
    with more than one wheel is too complicated!" I agreed and just kept


    Anything with more than one wheel is too complicated!
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