Funny, but true


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Nov 13, 2003
This is a remotely funny true story.
One scientist was visiting another scientist friend at a very prominent lab in the U.S. The visiting scientist was a smoker, but unfortunately he left his cigarettes at the hotel that day. After a few hours at the lab he was dying for a smoke. Luckily the lab was conducting an experiment on the effects of smoking on monkeys. The scientist quickly went to the lab to bum a smoke whereupon he was offered carton after carton of free Pall Malls. The scientist was very appreciative, but he began to wonder. Finally he asked "don't you need these cigarettes for the monkeys"? To which the researcher replied "Not anymore. The Pall Malls were killing the monkeys so fast we couldn't study them. We had to switch brands".


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Jul 13, 2015
Oh boy not really funny for this guy. Keep smoking them I guess, or not. Camels I thought were the real cowboy killers. So Pall Mall cigarette "wherever particular people congregate" the box says. There is some kind of family crest on it. A sun worship crest. "in hoc sign vines" it says, latin, in this sign you will conquer. & another spot means; through the thorns to the stars. It's a knight's templar crest, the free masons. Box always reminded me of playing cards. So basically these people made money off of smokers and had the full intention even in the packaging. Started in 1899. A British company. The highest selling brand for RJ Reynolds' Tobacco company.