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Jul 13, 2004
NE Indiana
"Florida man dies in meth lab explosion after lighting farts on fire.:

Of course this headline is fake but it did get publicity as people thought it was real. So let's lighten the day and hear some more funny headlines.
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Funny headlines can be seldom or frequent depending on what you read. Sometimes I find newspaper headlines funny. Most of the humor comes from stating the obvious to contradicting itself.
Funny headlines are always a way to draw the attention of the people to a particular news and a particular newspaper. Just like during the april 1st of this year, I heard the news that Armstrong has returned to become a footballer and if you read through you will understand that it was just a mere joke that was used to draw the attention of people to the newspaper.
I really like it when newspapers have fun on some of their headlines (but not on the more serious ones, of course). There's a certain craft in towing the line between being funny and being just insensitive.
I wonder if those who believed in that news also tried the same thing on their own, or will they even try it? But let us say the news is true, how will someone be able to lighten up his fart if it is not flammable? But the headline is catchy and funny tho. Haha.


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