Future transportation dreaming- extreme thinker? Tomorrows 'bents?

Michigan Institute of Technology had a show on TV last year about 4
alternative vehicles- 2 had pedal power; then on the internet later in
the year was a Portland University project which was eventually in a
show entry with many human power vehicles. Every once in a while
projects appear I had not kept up with; like today- Zap and Lotus have
renderings of a future e-car, and BlueSky Design had a movie online of
a finished three wheel project in action.

Then tonight a show was on about future cars. I could just see
transforming them into recumbents of tomorrow. Great and interesting
show for me. Maybe it did not have much to do with 'bents, more about
getting around (and I use my 'bent to get around, so . . . . . . )
Very enjoyable to me.

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