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Jan 28, 2019
I've been working on the application for about 3 months, thanks to your feedback to find the deficiencies and errors, re-compile the places I need to improve and now put on GooglePlay and share. There are points that need to be added.
such as cadence and pulse support. I'll take care of them in time.

My goal is to make this application without paying for expensive devices, to make the use of bicycles more enjoyable by installing on our existing phones and to achieve this work with the native software. Thanks to all my friends who did not spare their support to me and inspired me with their comments.

Bicycle computer with GPS based telemetry information

To make your bike more enjoyable, turn your phone into a full-path computer!

Take your mountain bike adventure to the next level with G Pedal Pro, the best app for MTB ciler and City bikes!

G Peak Pro turns your smartphone into a cycling computer with 85+ exciting features. Whether you have a favorite route or not, G Peak Pro is your perfect roadside assistance.

Powerful basic features

* Speedometer
-- Maximum speed
-- Average speed
-- Instant speed
* G force measurement
-- Instantaneous force g
-- Maximum acceleration g force
-- Maximum deceleration force g
* Compass (Direction and Degree)
* Acceleration indicator
-- Instant acceleration
-- Maximum acceleration
* Angle indicator
-- Inclination of the instant bike to the road
* Slope (every 25 meters)
-- Instant inclination
-- Maximum descent slope
-- Average descent slope
-- Maximum output slope
-- Average output slope
* Navigation (4 different route options) (Beta)
* Music player
-- Previous music
-- Next music
-- Play
-- Stop
-- Stop
-- Again
-- Mix it
* Works on lock screen and other applications
* Weather information
-- Temperature
-- Wind speed
-- Wind direction
-- Humidity
-- Sunrise
-- Sunset
-- Atmospheric pressure
-- Weather zone name
-- Weather details
* Distance information
-- Distance traveled
-- Total distance traveled
-- Route distance
-- Route landing distance
-- Route climbing distance
-- Route flatness distance
* Height information
-- Height earned
-- Lost height
-- Height difference
-- Maximum height
-- Minimum height
* Duration information
-- Time and date
-- Daily working time
-- Total working time
-- Total route time
-- Moving route time
-- Music playing time
-- Music length duration
* Route location bar
-- Switches between locations on Saved Route
-- Displays Current Speed, Altitude, Pulse, Rhythm and Distance
* 17 Different Maps
** Open Street Map **
-- Streets
-- Landforms
-- Bicycle paths (Handyman, Fountain, WC)
-- Grayscale
-- Slightly tinted
-- Dark view (ideal for night trip)
-- Faded color tone
-- Satellite image
** Google ** (Bike, Traffic and Transit roads)
-- Streets
-- Landforms
-- Satellite image
-- Mixed appearance
** Mapbox ** (Traffic and Road Works)
-- Streets
-- Satellite image
-- Mixed appearance
-- Slightly tinted
-- Dark view (ideal for night trip)
* Track recording and viewing
-- Trace recording
-- Trace recording viewing (GPX, KML, JS format)
-- Sharing track record
* Calorie measurement
-- Total calories
-- Average calories (Hours / Calories)
* Energy measurement (every 25 meters)
-- Instant energy
-- Maximum energy
-- Average energy
* Graphics
-- Instantaneous speed graph
-- Instant pulse graph (Beta)
-- Instant cadence graph (Beta)
-- Route elevation graph
-- Route speed graph
-- Route pulse graph
-- Route cadence graph
* Personal information display
-- 5 different display
-- Changeable font color
* Camera
-- Front and rear camera switching
-- Taking pictures
* Connection icons (BT, INT., GPS)
* Battery status icon
* Language support
-- Turkish
-- English

When the application is first opened, you must set the size of the font and number and the speedometer size in the settings section.

The free version of the app is available here:

If you would like to support me by installing the application, you can access the full version here:
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G Peak lite


G Peak Pro