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Sep 20, 2002
Has anyone tried any of the G-Push products? www.gpush.com.au<br /><br />I was thinking of giving them a try. I always seem to get stomach pains with other electrolyte drinks, no matter how weak I mix them. Funny that, cause I can normally eat just about anything...<br /><br />
Not yet available in South Africa. Probably soon. Sounds like a good product.
Just received my order this morning - I'm trying the G2 Momentum. Will probably get some G4 Recovery as well. If anyone's interested, I'll let you know how I find it; especially if I experience any stomach cramps while using it.
Today was my first decent ride using G2 (I spent the start of the week just doing recovery rides) - woke up, gobbled down a banana, and went out for 2 hours. Drank 2 bottles (about 1 litre) of G2, and had no stomach cramps or other discomfort. The ride was mainly aerobic, with some sprint work. One thing that I did notice was that the drink tasted quite bitter as it warmed up. I read something about this on another site, where they mentioned that using cold water took away the bitterness. Something to try.<br /><br />When I got in I tried G4 Recovery, which I found a little bit difficult to stomach. It was repeating on me a bit when I was in the shower. Don't know if that was because I gulped it down as soon as I got off the bike (probably - was running late for work) so will have to see how I go in the future.<br /><br />
It normaly takes a while to get concentrations and eating/drinking patterns established. Keep us posted on how you rate it.
Did another two hours on Sunday using G2, again will no ill-effects. In fact, I actually managed to up my average speed for the workout by about 1.5km/h. Didn't eat anything on the bike, and I think that I paid for that a little. I'm mixing the G2 slightly more dilute than the directions, so I might up the concentration a little more and see how it goes.
Well guys, since I've been using GPush, I've had none of the normal ill-effects that I've noticed using other electrolyte drinks, so I'm giving it a thumbs up. So much so that I've just placed another order for some more G2, and some G4.<br /><br />Oh yeah, as well as not getting stomach cramps, etc, I've actually noticed a performance benefit too ;D<br /><br />