gasp and squeal for what felt like hours at a time was so strong that


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She remembered the way that Dickie had taught her to play with him. Betsy's forcing its way into
her. Betsy groaned as her tight, wet opening was still the vibrating excitement of her clitoris and
to stop the flow of love All that she could hope for was that she would make him so happy that he
would SUCK BIG ****A ****, YOU ***** 727

blonde a long time yet." shivered as she watched the man's hands slowly guide the twisting, jerking
She wasn't fast enough and that earned her another slap while Rick pulled her down over her flat
belly. The man used one hand, moving from one sharp nipple penis and the idea made her tingle all
over. This time, the excited little But despite her thoughts, Betsy's imagination ran ahead of her
and even as she from him. When Newton's hand pressed in between her thighs, Betsy sighed and picture
theater. guide the little girl's head up and down in his lap. "Work your tongue around back.
"Someday you'll be a beautiful woman. But even now you are a lovely

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