Gaumont accuses Millar



PARIS (AP) -- A top French team pulled out of Sunday's Paris-
Roubaix World Cup race after a former cyclist accused its
doctor and several riders of doping.

Cofidis team official Bernard Quilfen told The Associated
Press on Friday night that the team won't compete ``until
further orders.'' He would not make any other comment.

French sports daily L'Equipe published extracts of testimony
given by former Cofidis cyclist Philippe Gaumont, one of
seven team members under investigation in a doping probe. He
won a bronze medal in the team trial at the 1992 Olympics.

Gaumont, who was fired by Cofidis in February, said team
doctor Jean-Jacques Menuet gave him an injection on the eve
of the Tour de France's final stage last year.

``Menuet would not tell me what was in the syringe ... all I
know is that this blocked my performance,'' Gaumont said,
according to L'Equipe. ``I think it was cortisone or human
growth hormone.''

Gaumont also accused David Millar -- Cofidis' star rider and
a former world time trial champion -- of doping and helping
to supply others. Millar won the 2003 Tour de France time
trial from Pornac to Nantes on July 26; it was the second-
fastest time trial i