Gays Are At It AGAIN! Syphilis Rates Up Every Year Since 2000

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    Herpes Cases Fall, Syphilis on the Rise

    Mon Mar 8, 3:02 PM ET Health - Reuters

    By Paul Simao

    ATLANTA (Reuters) - Fewer U.S. teenagers and adults have the
    virus that causes genital herpes, but health experts said on
    Monday they were troubled by the recent resurgence in
    syphilis, especially among

    The findings, which were presented at the 2004 National STD
    Prevention Conference in Philadelphia, showed many
    Americans, especially gay and

    Researchers also reported high rates of the genital wart
    virus, Human Papillomavirus, or HPV, as well as chlamydia,
    another common venereal

    consequences, including infertility, transmission to
    newborns, neurologic damage and increased risk of HIV (news
    - web sites) transmission," said Dr. Ronald Valdiserri,
    deputy director of HIV, STD and Tuberculosis prevention
    programs at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
    (news - web sites).

    "While we acknowledge the successful declines in herpes,
    overall STD rates in the U.S. remain alarmingly high,"
    Valdiserri said.

    The prevalence of the incurable virus, which can cause
    lesions in and around the genitals and anus and on the
    buttocks and thighs, fell 74 percent among those aged 14 to
    19. Overall, 35 percent fewer men reported having the
    herpes virus. Health experts said the reasons for the
    decline were unclear.

    But a rising number of syphilis infections in men,
    particularly among

    syphilis rate in 2003, according to preliminary data
    released by the


    Last year, there were 7,082 confirmed cases of primary and
    secondary syphilis, the initial stages of the disease,
    compared with 6,862 cases in 2002, according to the data.
    The rate of syphilis rose to 2.5 cases per 100,000 people
    from 2.4 cases per 100,000 during the period.

    Syphilis rates have risen each year since 2000.

    CDC researchers estimated that 60 percent of the cases in

    1999. The resurgence of the disease in that high-risk group
    is of particular concern because of its links to the virus
    that causes AIDS (news - web sites).

    diseases increase the likelihood of HIV infection. Up to 70
    percent of

    United States were HIV positive.

    In addition to helping spread HIV, untreated syphilis can
    cause arthritis, heart disease, insanity and death as well
    as miscarriages, stillbirths and severe infections in
    newborn babies.


    It is a rare occurrence that the CDC ever issues such a
    warning for

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    and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh"
    (Genesis 2:24).
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    to the law, individuals are responsible for civil behavior
    toward one another, even those with whom they disagree. Our
    institutions are likewise responsible for providing a clear
    standard of appropriate conduct and for supporting that
    standard with legal sanction. It is on this basis that the
    Supreme Court has undercut government's ability to provide
    that consistent legal sanction to marriage. http://www.phil- Legitimate
    reasons for sodomy laws By Gen. Alonzo Short

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