Gear Cable Replacement Problem

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Feb 4, 2004
I want to replace the gear cables in my Shimano 600 STI shifters.

The problem is that one of them - the one for the rear derailleur - has become jammed.

What seems to have happened is that the small metal plug on the end of the cable has come out of the bracket inside the shifter, and has got wedged inside.

I've shifted down to the small cog position using the small inner lever and this has aligned the bracket inside the brake mech with the small hole in the casing through which you are supposed to insert the new cable. However, all I can see is the old cable stretched across the bracket - no sign of the pesky plug.

What should / can I do?
Should I cut the cable at this point, pull out what I can and hope that the residual bit with the plug on rattles out eventually?
Is the whole lever a right off now?
Will squirting oil in there help me yank it back out?

Help please :confused:
Not open for further replies.