gear hub indicator rod substitution: rod too long?

Hi there,

I'm trying to repair an old bike mounting a Sachs Torpedo 3 gear hub.
Some time ago I lost the plastic piece which connects the cable to the
indicator rod and short after I also lost the indicator chain/rod
which fits inside the hub.

Now I found these two items on eBay, but when I tryed to mount the rod
it was too long and looked out some millimeters (like in the pictures
linked under): in the pictures the hub is in 3rd gear, this means that
in 1st gear the rod would look out another centimeter (it's impossible
to change gear with a transversal force)

I did a research on the internet and found two shops which sell this
items as the indicator rod for the 3-speed gear hub:

if I compare them, my rod is evidently longer

my questions is:
is this perhaps the rod for the 5-speed gear hub?or is there another
reason why it looks out so much?
is there a solution like changing the nut with a longer one or
mounting something like this?-->