Gear Setup After Triple to Double Conversion

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by genedan, Feb 15, 2010.

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    Feb 13, 2010
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    So we've got this SWEET deal on our team that where we get GF Cronus Ultimates/SRAM Red from Mellow Johnny's for $2270. Unfortunately I still couldn't afford that, but a GENEROUS benefactor has graciously lent me his unused Ultegra/Double bike for the time being.

    So, I currently ride a triple crankset with a 30/42/52 along with a 12/26 Cassette. There are some climbs in Austin that require me to use the lowest gear, but I've recently been able to use the 30-23 and 30-21 combos for most of the hard climbs. I have a feeling that I'll sorely miss the granny ring, but since everyone else doesn't have one and can climb, I figure I can too if I had a good setup.

    The Trek 1000 I currently ride weighs about 25 pounds, maybe even 30 with two full water bottles+food. I'm expecting the Fuji Marseille I'll be riding to be maybe 3-5 pounds lighter, which might make it easier to get used to the double.

    Do you think I can handle a 52/39 with a 12-26 or 11-25? Or would a 50/34 with a 11-23 be suitable for racing? Other suggestions welcome.

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    You shouldn't worry about what other people are using ...

    BTW. A 39t chainring with a 30t cog is about equal to a 30t chainring and a 23t cog ... so you decide; or, you'll certanly know after the first ride-or-two!

    You may need-or-want to buy a new cassette OR cannibalize the 28t or 32t cog from a 9-speed 11-32 LX cassette & restack whatever cassette you use with it.
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    You will acclimatize to what you have. Depends on the climate most suited to you.

    A 3rd chainring is only a fourth of a water bottle. Having one is more a bonus than a detriment for those odd occasions.