Gear shifters too close to handlebar grips


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Jun 14, 2023
Hello. New to the forum after just purchasing a Trek Verve II to try and keep these old bones moving. :) I've had it out a few times now trying to get used to it after having not ridden in many, many years.
I'm finding that the gear shifter levers are much too close to the handlebar grips so when I'm riding, I have to almost squeeze my fingers in to reach the levers. Can I purchae longer grips that will allow me to move my hands away from the levers? In looking at the setup, it doesn't look like I can move the levers in towards the frame.
If the gear shifters on your bicycle are positioned too close to the handlebar grips and it's causing discomfort or difficulty in shifting gears, there are a few potential solutions you can try:

  1. Adjust Shifter Position: Most gear shifters have some adjustability to fine-tune their position on the handlebars. Look for screws or bolts on the shifters that allow you to loosen them and slide them along the handlebars. Experiment with different positions to find a more comfortable and accessible placement.
  2. Handlebar Grip Adjustment: If the gear shifters are too close to the handlebar grips, you can try adjusting the position of the grips themselves. Loosen the bolts or screws holding the grips in place and slide them inward or outward to create more space between the grips and the shifters.
  3. Replace Grips: If the handlebar grips are too bulky or wide, you might consider replacing them with narrower grips. Thinner grips can create more space for the gear shifters, allowing for better hand positioning and easier shifting.
  4. Use Shifter Adapters: Shifter adapters, also known as shifter mount brackets, are small accessories that can extend the position of the gear shifters away from the handlebars. They attach to the handlebar and provide a new mounting point for the shifters, effectively moving them outward.
  5. Consult a Bike Shop: If you're uncertain about making adjustments yourself or if the above solutions don't work for your specific bike setup, it's recommended to visit a local bike shop. The staff can provide expert advice and make adjustments or recommendations based on your bike's handlebar and shifter compatibility.
Remember to test the adjusted positions or changes in a safe environment before heading out for a ride to ensure that the shifting is comfortable and functions properly. It's essential to find a position that allows you to reach and operate the gear shifters comfortably while maintaining a secure grip on the handlebars.