General Advice And Also Advice For Specific Bikes


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Sep 12, 2015

I'm looking to buy a couple of bikes for me and my wife. We can probably spend up to about $1,500 each but wouldn't mind spending less. We both want to take long-ish rides, something like 20-30 miles each, maybe once or twice a week (weekend).

We went to the local bike shop and they showed us the Trek Madonne 2.3C 2014 and the Trek 7.5 FX. They both seemed fine and other than the obvious differences, it was hard to really use them to decide between hybrid and road bike. Does anybody have any advice regarding the type of biking we'd want to do?

I also have a more general question which is what is the difference between, say, a $1,400 road bike and a lower end one, as well as what's the difference between the high end FX 7.5 and a lower end bike that may be more like $450? I mean I know the components are different, but what practical difference will there be in terms of riding?

Thanks for any advice!