General Cycling Questionnaire - University project


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Oct 14, 2013
Hello fellow cyclists,

I am currently studying Product Design, as a keen cyclist for many years I have chosen to relate my major project on cycling and in particular 'Carrying capacity' on a bicycle. I am in the early stages at the minute and just generally assessing the market. I have a linked a quick questionnaire and would really, really appreciate it if you could fill it in as it will literally take less than 1 minute!

As I progress through this project I will be conducting more precise research to narrow down on potential problem so would also really appreciate it if you used this thread for an area of discussion that I will be active in to get more qualitative data.

Thanks a bunch!


WOW you guys amazed me! Only 6 hours after posting the questionnaire you have already hit the limit of responses I can get, Thank you all so much. I will now analyse the results and see where to move on next! I will be making more questionnaires that are specific to different types of cyclists to try and establish product needs and USP’s. If you use your bicycle for touring or commuting please watch this space over the next day or two for new questionnaires.

Thanks again,

Hello again fellow cyclists!

A few days ago I placed a ‘General cycling questionnaire’ on this forum and the amount of feedback I got shocked me (hit the 100 response limit in a matter of hours). Thank you to everyone that filled it in! This has helped me assess the current market and given me an insight in the potential problems cyclists, especially touring cyclists still have.

Now I have another one!
In this questionnaire I would like to establish in more detail problems that touring cyclists face on longer tours where they may be away for more than a day. It is linked below.

Thank you so much if you completed it!