German Red Chicken

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    This is probably a hopeless quest, but...

    When I was a kid, my mother worked a German restaurant, and the owner/cook
    made chicken that we always called "Red Chicken." There was probably a name
    for it on the menu, but I was a kid, might have just been roast
    chicken, for all I know.

    Anyway, the place burned down, the owner moved away, and my mother was never
    able to beg, borrow or steal the secret recipe while she worked there. I
    think she even offered to buy it, but in any case, he wouldn't tell.

    The chicken was baked or roasted -- it definitely wasn't fried. It had some
    sort of coating on it. Not a breading like you'd find on fried chicken, but
    it wasn't just skin and spices, either. Maybe some kind of thin batter. I
    don't recall it being crispy or crunchy, either.

    The color was a deep mahogany reddish-brown when it was served. I have no
    idea what color it was before cooking, but it had to be some version of red.

    It wasn't overly spicy, but it had good flavor. Thinking back, I can't
    recall any one predominant flavor.

    The owner/cook was from Germany, so I'm hoping that maybe this was some sort
    of ethnic/regional dish that someone has heard of, rather than something the
    cook came up with on his own.

    Any ideas? I googled first, and I found lots of hits for curried red chicken
    and adding "German" to it didn't help, because then I got red potato salads.