Get ready to shout the three greatest words in cycling!!!

I'm not certain those are the three greatest words in cycling...but I could be wrong
And thats what happens when you're butter fingered. I was referring to the words "I'm a troll"
Apologies. My response was an epic fail. Your response to the and the trhee greatest words in cycling was (I'm a troll)

I responded with I'm not convinced that those are the three greatest words in cycling but sadly failed to quote you and then screwed things up further.
Forget it I'll go away and crawl back under my rock.

Great race though
Regardless of who wins, whether a veteran makes a successful comeback, anyone gets done for doping, my 3 words are "GREATEST TOUR EVER".

But then again I say thet every year and every year I'm right (in my own head)- I just love bike racing - the rest doesn't matter too much.
No_Positives said:
How about this: "Nonns' an idiot"
Perhaps Nonns is and perhaps Nonns isn't but Nonns doesn't go around calling other people names. Perhaps the No_Positives should have been Not Positive.

C'mon. I was butter fingered and ruined things. Have you never made a mistake.

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