Get to know more about us :)



Hi, since there are just 35 of us registered over here. Maybe we can get to know more about our forum-mates while we still can :) :)

Just fill in after me ;D

Name: Raymond
Age: 22
Cycling Years: 9 months
Dreambike: Look KG261 w/ Dura Ace, Mavic Ksyrium, TTT bar and stem
Other Sports: Basketball, Rowing
Hobbies: Counter Strike, plastic modelling, reading (Clancy, Crichton)
Civil Status: Taken

Sorry if this may look corny (I know it does) :p

I'm sure everyone here would like to know a little more about everyone else ;D

This is similar to my threed 'Where are you from what do you do' maybe you can combine them admin

ok heres some info that was not in that threed

Name: Nicholas
Age: 20
Cycling Years: 12 months
Dreambike: a USPS Trek or a Cannondale Cadd 6
Realbike: Norco Blast,(selle italia trimatic 2 seat, look tension adjustable cleats 206 i think ::), Michelin Axial Carbon tyres)
Other Sports: There are other sports? ;D
Hobbies: Biking,Internet,Computers and more biking
Civil Status: Not Taken
Name: Vo2 (security reasons 8) )
Age: If I tell you, I'll have to kill you ;D
Cycling Years: Few years on/off, but now full time 2 years.
Dreambike: Bianchi XL Titanium Evolution | Campy Record Groupset | Bianchi Levitation Carbon wheels (see pic below)
Realbike: Bianchi ML Alumini | Campy Mirage Groupset | NET FIR wheels | Vredenstein tyres
Vo2 max: 55
Other Sports: I play the radio sometimes!
Civil Status: Taken (sorry girls ;D )
Hobbies: Irritating my wife :p
Fav food: Anything curry and spicy or lotsa creamy pasta.
Fav pro: Lance - 'cause his awesome | Ullrich - 'cause of his fighting spirit | Pantani - 'cause of his climbing ability | Hunter - 'cause of his passion


Is this stunning, or what?
Bianchi makes very beautiful bikes, even without the fancy schmancy paint schemes. Bellissimo!
Name: Sean L*******
Age: 30
Cycling Years: 8 years
Dreambike: Ferrari Colnago
Realbike: KHS Flite 800. Ultegra/Dura Ace comp. Rolf Vector Pro wheels.
Vo2 max: 67?
Other Sports: Cricket, Table Tennis, Soccer, Karting, Pool & Snooker. And I'm a Formula 1 nut.
Civil Status: Sort of got an Aussie gf and a few SA one's. ;D
Hobbies: Sketching and Painting.
Fav food: Italian
Fav pro: Jan Ullrich - never gives up
Schumacher had better watch out for Kimi Raikonnen next season.
I'm first and foremost a Ferrari fan. Therfore by default a Schumacher fan too.  ;)

Maybe we should start an OT F1 thread instead of hijacking this one?
Why? Is Kimi planning to run into the back of Schumi's car? ;D
I think, and hope, it's going to be an interesting season. I'm an MS devotee, so I'm hoping for Championship no.5!
Nah, Kimi is way better than Jos Vergraveltrappen and shouldn't drive into the back of anyone. ;D

Schumacher has enough experince to deal with the two young hotshots: Montoya and Kimi. I don't see them as being regarded as "Greats" like Michael, Ayrton and Alain yet. They haven't really blown their team mates away.

Both will be future champs but have still got a lot to learn. And they will both be on Michelin tyres next year which will make things harder for both of them.

IMO Kimi was stupid to turn down Ferrari's offer and go to McLaren. He could have learned a lot from the master.
Name: surprises here
Age: 22
Cycling Years: 11 months....coming off 3 years MTB'ing
Dreambike: Anything with a nice paint job....makes me look fast ;D. NO seriously...Pinnarello Prince
Realbike: Schwinn Fastback Elite, Tiagra groupset, other bits just functional and not too exotic ::)
Vo2 max: Any charitable donations going towards the purchasing of a heart rate monitor would be appreciated :D
Other Sports: Dune boarding, surfing, powerkiting, extreme sports( ie. stuff I would really like to do but it's just too expensive!!)
Civil Status: Available...ladies, the bidding on this fine specimen is now open ;D
Hobbies: Doing stuff that scares me. Arguing about F1
Fav food: Any food that I don't have to make myself
Fav pro: he can sit all the way going up a

Getting the OT F1 going...... forget about the new kid on the block...just wait and see, Villeneuve is set for taking the championship next year.
IMHO, Kimi would never be able to develop at Ferrari..Michael runs the show...and no one could tell him otherwise
Name : Lance Armstrong (I wish)
Ouzo (When I know you guys better I'll reveal myself)
Age : 26
Cycling : 4 years
Dream bike : anything Carbon Fiber
Other Sports : Water Skiing, swiming, squash
Hobbies : Anything motor Sport. Huge F1 Fan (schumi Rules with or without Ferrari. Ferrari rules with or without schumi)
Civil Status : Praticly engaged
Resident Country : South Africa.
Jos Vergraveltrappen ;D Have'nt heard that before.
I agree with you Sean. I reckon MS has another two, maybe three years left in him. Kimi could of used these years learning from the man himself, and then when MS decides to retire, take over from him. Only time will tell.
DC is a whimp imo. I hope Kimi kicks his butt really hard next season!
Getting the OT F1 going......  forget about the new kid on the block...just wait and see, Villeneuve is set for taking the championship next year.
IMHO, Kimi would never be able to develop at Ferrari..Michael runs the show...and no one could tell him otherwise
JV winning the championship.... Thanks for the good laugh ;D
He could barely beat Panis this year LOL

Michael's biggest strength (apart from being the quickest driver) is knowing how to attract and develop the people around him to optomise his performance and increase the chances of winning in every possible way. No other works as hard. Kimi would do well to learn that aspect from him.

Schumacher has said he wants to leave an era of Ferrari dominance for the next driver to take over. Rubens is not the guy to carry on with it. They tried to get Alonso but Briatore stole him from under their noses. I'm not sure who they can go for now. Really good drivers like Trulli and Fisicheall are tied into long term contracts.

DC will be quicker for the first half of the season purely through experience with the team. But when Kimi works out how to deal with the people around him he'll thrash him.
"Villeneuve is set for taking the championship next year"


What supplements are you taking, buddy?

Get that F1 thread going! It's going to be a long debate!
Knew the Villeneuve thing would get you guys going ;)
Seriously, I used to like the guy, but I think he's seriously approaching his twilight zone.

I'm really glad about Fisichella's move to Jordan...back at Beneton he was like a granny with a walker ;D
Don't think the new japanese guy will offer much competition, he's probably just a pawn for Honda
There's also Alex Yoong, now that guy's the ultimate PAWN. As for Karthekeyan, I think he did well during his stint in F3 (F3000?), but he'll need a better car to prove his worth in F1.
BTW, I think Kimi can (and WILL) learn a lot from McLaren. Better than than wasting several years butlering for Schumacher!
Yeah, Kimi will learn at Mclaren:

• About Ron and Adrian's inflexible pitstop "strategies".
• How launch control doesn't always work since they lost their South African electronics software guru Anton Stipnovic(sp?) to Ferrari.
• How to park your McLaren Mercedes at the side of the track when your Ilmor engine dies for the 4th time.
• How much there is driver #1 and driver #2 status just like every other team.
• How to perform Ronspeak in interviews ala Mika.
• How horrible it is to wear grey racing overalls.
;D :p
Name: Daniel Elps
Bike: TREK 1500 (2005 model)
Dream Bike: Madone SSL
Future Bike: Madone 5.2 or an Orbea maybe
Hobbies: Was a cross-country runner for 3 years, I also like Cycling...:D :D :D
Average Speed: 19.5
Distance ridden since I started: 1500 +/- Miles, I started about four months ago.

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