Getting back in the saddle


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Feb 5, 2004
Hey folks,

This is my first post.

I used to race many years ago (ages 16-19, I'm 35 now), some local USCF races, nothing big. But I gradually dropped out of cycling as my time got absorbed by other things.

I'm looking to buy a new bike, I haven't owned one in over 10 years. My old racing bike was an Olmo, which I adored.

I don't plan on racing now, but I certainly remember the feel of a good bike and I'm looking for something along those lines. My price range peaks at about $1400. But because I've been away from bikes for so long, I'm really not sure what to look for.

I'm thinking about a Trek 2200, but eyeing Giant as well.

One concern is that I used to swear by steel frames, but it seems that carbon has come a long way in 10 years. Are there any concerns with carbon or should I not worry about it?

Thanks in advance!

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