Getting back on the horse, erm bike!



I was hit by a car on a round about last year, and havent been able to get on a bike because of injuries and plus bike is mangled! But i am now about to jump back on the bike!
However im pretty nervous about riding and particularly round abouts. I just wanted to know how others who have been hit by cars handled it?
Many of our members have been hit by cars. Gear Grinder got his bike totalled. You have good company here.
Fortunately for me there was no physical injuries so I actually chased the guy that hit me. But I'm still VERY nervous on the road and have noticed in the last few races that I am nervous in a bunch too.

Try riding on quieter roads to start off with and then progress to you normal route.

Rounda bouts are up there with the worst things to negotiate with a bike.

Also a little advise given on this BB. Always assume the motorist does not see you and is going to do something stupid. That way you are always ready to take action.

Best of luck getting back on. And keep us informed as to your progress.
Always assume the motorist does not see you and is going to do something stupid. That way you are always ready to take action.
That is the right advice. just as you obey the road rules because obeying the road rules is not always enough as other people do not always follow the rules.

Though dont be so scared and look around every 5 seconds ;D , just a bit more measured caution.

Ps i assume it was the cars fault? what happen did you get compensated?.
Thanx for the advice. I was hit side on and the car was doing about 35 mph, and got flung a fair way, but ive been compensated for the gear, just waiting on injuries! im just glad im able to actually ride again!
I was at a race a few weeks ago. The girl that won had been hit by a car just a month prior to that. She still had all the scars and wounds on her legs.

But, she got back out and not only made it work, but won.

Even if you have to load the bike up on the car and drive out to some more remote roads, do it. If you are nervous on the road, that is just as dangerous as having a nervous driver on the road. Give yourself some time to get comfortable again, without worrying about vehicles up your rear.
A bit like riding in the rain (something I wish I could do right now), I think the trick is to just go for a ride without thinking about it. If you take the time to think about it, you'll probably come up with all sorts of excuses not to go. Basically, just get on the bike and ride the thing without worrying about training or speed or anything else. Just get back to the sheer pleasure of riding, and the rest will follow.