Getting into training for a Tri. Need advice on road bikes.


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Nov 15, 2013
Looking for a good bike to train on and ride in a triathlon. Tri bikes look to cost to much. I think I'll just stick with a road bike. What do you suggest? Giant?, Cannondale?, Felt?. Looking to spend around $1500, maybe a little more for the right bike. Let me know what you think.
There are a lot of options in the $1500 range, including some decent Tri bikes. For example - a shop near me is advertising a Cannondale Slice 105 for $1550 on closeout.

All of the big name manufacturers build fine machines. With that budget, you shouldn't have trouble finding something you love at a local bike shop.
Bike brand all depends on personal preference. I would just test as many brands as possible to see which one you like best because each one has its own unique fit and feel. You can also find great deals on the used bike market like craigslist as long as you've done your research on the bike for sale. I got my first bike used for a steal of a deal and it served me well. As for new bikes I personal prefer giant, since they make everything in house you tend to get better stock components like their giant brand wheels which tend to be better than the stock wheels on other name brand bikes but if you go with giant I would recommend replacing the stock seat
Good move on getting a road bike, more versatile, especially if you are dabbling.