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  1. Getting Rid Of Stubborn Sinusitis

    By Sanchita Sharma
    The Hindustan Times

    A blocked sinus is something most people have learnt to
    live with, but it doesn't have to be that way. Sure,
    inhaling steam and popping antibiotics offers relief from
    symptoms of sinus (see box), but a minimal-invasive
    surgical technique exists that can restore sinus
    ventilation and normal function within a week.

    ''Functional Endoscopic Sinus Surgery re-opens the
    natural ventilation and drainage of the sinus instead of
    creating an artificial opening, as done in conventional
    surgery, where the skin is removed through an artificial
    opening through the nose,'' says Dr Shashikant K.
    Kaluskar, Senior Consultant, ENT & Head and Neck Surgeon,
    Tyrone County Hospital, Omagh, UK.

    He was in India last week to address ENT specialists on
    the surgical technique he helped pioneer and also
    inaugurate the Max Nose and Sinus Clinic at Panchsheel
    Park, New Delhi.

    ''Symptoms of sinusitis are similar to that of a bad
    cold, and many people just suffer them thinking it is a
    virus that will go away,'' says Kaluskar. ''But a sinus
    infection is caused by bacteria and needs to be treated
    with antibiotics, and if the problem becomes chronic,
    surgery is the most permanent option,'' he explains.
    Kaluskar has been practising in the UK for over 16 years
    and is one of the country's pioneering surgeons for non-
    invasive technique of endoscopic sinus surgery, having
    developed KTP/532 laser surgery for various applications
    in ENT and Head and Neck surgery, including rhinoplasty.
    ''Using a telescope at three different angles — 0 degree
    (allowing light straight through), 30 degrees and 70
    degrees (allowing light in at an angle) — surgeons can
    now peer into the crevices of the nose and make the
    natural openings bigger,'' he explains.

    While the surgery takes a little over an hour and
    requires the patient to stay just one night in hospital,
    it's important to make sure you are going to a trained
    surgeon as ''the proximity to sensitive areas like the
    brain and eyes can cause complications''.

    ''Though the cause that triggers a sinusitis attack
    varies, the ethmoid sinus near the eye is the most
    commonly affected,'' says Kaluskar. An adult has eight
    honeycomb-like sinuses, with the four groups located
    above the eyes, below the eyes, on the side of the nose
    and the back of the nose.

    ''While we have no statistics for India, sinusitis is the
    third common disorder in the US, after arthritis and
    angina,'' he says. Given the pollution and high
    prevalence of viral and bacterial infections here, your
    persistent cold might just be sinusitis!

    Signs Of Sinusitis Acute Sinusitis

    A cold that lasts for more than 10 days.
    Yellow or greenish mucus.
    Pain over the infected sinus.
    Headache that gets worse when you bend over.
    Bad breath.

    Chronic Sinusitis

    Sinusitis that lasts for more than four months.
    Stuffed nose, with constant mucus secretions.
    Frequent headaches.
    Upset stomach or vomiting.

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