getting rid of the creak in my burley limbo.

Discussion in 'Recumbent bicycles' started by Steve knight, Jul 26, 2005.

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    I have battled the creak the squeak and the slip on my burley limbo.
    The squeak was the shock pivot the slip was the seat sliding back and
    the creak was the seat. The squeak that sounded like a couple going
    at it in an old car was easy with grease or a spritz of lube on the
    shock pivots till I removed the shock.
    Stopping the seat from sliding and creaking was a battle. I had to
    tighten the quick release so tight that the shafts bend and the seat
    frame bowed in. the seat still wanted to slide back and I fixed that
    by drilling and tapping holes through the seat clamp block and using
    Well that worked till it rained hard and the creaking came back. I
    found the front quick release was a bit loose.
    But the seat bracket kept bending in. so today I said the hell with
    it took the seat off bent the metal back reamed the holes so I could
    use a ΒΌ" bolt in them used washers to get them to 1" and when I slid
    the seat in place I also used this silicone glue on the blocks to make
    sure they stay in place. Tightened it down and no bending this time
    and no creaking anymore.

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