Ghost EBS Race


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Jan 19, 2010
I was considering buying a Corratec Dolomiti 105 - the cheapest bike with 105 groupset in Croatia. But than i found this:
Bike shop - EBS Race
Corratec with cheapest 105 gs cost 7500 kn (1 euro = cca 7.4 kn, so 1000 euro = 7400 kn), and Ghost with full ultegra (except brakes) cost 6500 kn. Thats the price range of tiagra or even sora groupsets. ULtegra groupset cost 9500 or more kn.
I know - this is not the black market - its the shop, and it says that it is lower price becouse it it 2009 model bike.Old price was 8100 kn (which is still cheap)
I found Ghost bike page:
GHOST - Road
I mean - looking at the components, looks like I ve got the jackpot!

SO - do you know anything about this bike - is it good? Bad? Bad fork? Anything?