Giant defy advanced 1 or cervelo r2

Which one do you recommend

  • Giant Defy Advanced 1

  • Cervelo R2

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Jun 9, 2019

I am new here and I would like to get an opinion from people who know road bikes better than me. I started road cycling last year with my father’s former bike, a really cheap bike. I have now decided to buy a new one since I have some problems with mine, and I don’t want to put any money on it.

I have narrowed my search to these two bikes:

- 2018 Giant Defy Advanced 1

- 2018 Cervelo R2

(It doesn’t let me post links)

The Giant is 2300$ tax included, and the Cervelo is used, and 2000$

I know these aren’t the same type of bike, but I started looking for an endurance bike because I heard they were really comfortable, and I often have lower back pain. I then started to look for a more « racing » kind, and I thought the Cervelo seemed really good for it’s price.

What would you recommend me?