Giant OCR3 or Trek 1000



I'm going to buy a road bike at the end of this month. At the moment I am torn between the Giant OCR3 and the Trek 1000 (also available in a triple)

Which one would you choose and why?
Goat, the pros can tell you which one is best :D but I'm buying a OCR3 in three weeks.

I took my wife's advice and decided to wait until after my holiday to buy it. I've been around the shops and I now know where I going to buy it. After talking to the shop-owner and explaining that if he could do me a good deal on the OCR3 I'd buy it from him, he said when I'm ready to buy come back and he'll talk numbers.

Here in the UK they sell for £425 ,So the question is how much can I get knocked off the price ?

Any thoughts.
L-g - The OCR 3 is a very nice bike and is good value for money even if you have to pay the full price, if you pay cash I recon you will score a few £, at least enough for a bottle rack and a few spare tubes ;)

If I go for the Trek I still have to buy an anatomic saddle where the 2002 OCR3 has one standard, the OCR3 has a compact frame and the TREK not, I’m 1,86m tall so the compact/noncompact issue is still in the back of my mind but I went through the Compact/NonCompact topic and don’t think it will be a problem :-/
While you fellas have been shopping, maybe I can leverage off your research.

I am looking at getting my girlfriend a road bike and also had a look at the Trek1000 and OCR3. The Giant was about R1600 more expensive, but I think it had a triple chain ring while the Trek only had the double.

When I took my gal to have a look she said she didn't want the Trek coz she doesn't like the look of it. (Go figure). She does however quite like the colours of the Giant. Women ;D

I've also had a look at the Schwinn Fastback and it seems quite competitive also. (I take it that you're looking at the Shimano Sora specced bikes.) Have you guys explored any of the other brands? (eg Schwinn, Genesis, Orbea etc)
Lab_Rat - No Problem. The 2001 Trek 1000 is R5000 (according to Cyclelab) and the 2002 OCR3 R1600 more (according to Cyclelab).

The 2002 Trek 1000 is Priced @ R6250 and you have a choice of a triple. I can also get the 2002 OCR3 for R5900, so in actual fact the OCR is cheaper than the Trek. The 2002 Trek looks a lot better than the 2001 ;). Yep, Sora components. I had a look at Schwinn and Orbea:

Schwinn - I wouldn’t consider buying a Schwinn ‘cause they went bankrupt.

Orbea – a bit overpriced for what you get.

Geneses – According to VO2 the FX1 is quite a nice bike, might be worth exploring, I’ll go have a look at it this weekend.
Goat, today I went down to have my headset replaced at an MTB specialist shop, and whilst talking to the owner and explaining that I was going to buy a road bike, He said that cash talks and if I wave a few notes around, I can get at least 10% off any RRP in any bike shop.

It's just a thought seeing as you will soon be buying one yourself.

Lab-Rat I did look around but it's too late now, I've fallen in love and there's no going back ;D
L-g - Yep, he's right cash does talk, I'll see how far I can push my luck ;)
It’s hard not to fall in love with her, she's one good looking bike ;D
Guys, I'm not going for either ;D I got a great deal on a 2nd hand Concorde Tornado 8). Check the 'Your Bike' post started by bike_boy.
Hiya again,

Firstly, Goat, nice bike. Looks good. Secondly, where did you get the R5900 price for the OCR3?

I agree with you re: the 2002 Trek looking better, but it'll be my lady's bike, so she's gotta like it.

I'm in two minds about the Orbea coz if she does take to cycling, I can always upgrade the groupset or give her mine (Campag 10spd) when I upgrade mine. (She can't have my wheels though ;D ;D)
Lab_Rat - Thanx ;) I got that price from Kayalami Cycles in Alberton (011)907-2466 All of their bike prices are good.