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Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by Guest, Jun 29, 2002.

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    I thought id let you know of my experience iv had with my giant tcr0 road bike.

    part The small circular bit of the front tube that holds the gear shifing wire fell of. I noticed it while bringing it inside. the wire was loose and hanging. I then noticed the part of aluminium on the flaw and you could see that there was a crack already and it must of been painted over in production and it just fell of. Any way to cut a long story short the QLD rep for Giant refused to Replace the frame and walked out on my dad (he took the bike to the BS for me) and drove away.

    After i rang the giant Aus hq in melbourne same day the rep rang the bike shop with a change of heart. So I now have a temporary frame (tcr aero). I have had it for a few weeks now and still no frame. :(

    My dad sent a letter of complaint to giant in melboune but no responce or appology on the way the dealer behaved (like a spoilt brat) i also waited 4 weeks to get the frame which they said was in stock when it was not.

    So if your in qld and thinking about buying a giant......
    i wont be getting a giant bike again thats for sure

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    AttentionGiant 2001 TCR Team, TCR 0, TCR 1, TCR 2 and OCR 1 Giant Bicycles and Framesets, and TCR 0 Giant Framesets riders AND people who use Giant Carbon forks

    There have been reports of Carbon forks breaking :eek: and are being recalled, please go to the following link for more information.
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    Oh well...I bought myself a TCR Two (Medium Size) a couple of months ago and the length of the aero seatpost was too long. It TOOK them one and half month to find me another one. The funny thing about it is Giant has done a misprint on the seatpost...number 5 = 4 and 4 =3 and so on..what a joke !! When you call Giant Melbourne...well..they don't want to hear about you..
    What do you expect ..thay already have got your money....
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    I expect them to warent what they say they do and have proper service.... that way they will get more the future when i buy more bike stuff. So would you get another giant?

    I actually heard from a friend who had a Giant mtb. They would not replace his frame (said it had a hard life) he had it for 3 years but the frame had a lifetime warenty.The weld at the front tube was giving way.