Giant Revive - Review


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Jan 28, 2004
I realise that there have been quite a few reviews done on the Giant Revive but two weeks ago after reading them I went out and test rode and then bought one.
I'm a 58 year old retiree living in Brisbane, Australia. I've been a keen cyclist since my school days in the North of England and have always had a bike. A few years ago I developed chronic Ostio-arthritis and so I had to give up cycling altogether. I never thought I would be able to enjoy cycling again. I soon became a bit overweight and very unfit so I started looking for exercise that would keep me modestly fit. My arthritis effects just about every join in my body but the major joints are the neck, left hip and right knee,

As soon as I sat on the Revive I was pleased as I could mount without having to throw my leg over the seat.
The semi recumbent and upright seating position means that my neck is in a comfortable neutral position.
The angles made at the hip and knee are less than 90 degrees. This is do-able with only a little discomfort.
Over the past two weeks I've got quite fit again. The gearing on the Revive at first seemed too low in the top gear and too high in the lowest gear but as my fitness has improved I now appreciate the choices Giant made. It also takes a few days to get used to taking advantage of the back support to push off rather than pulling on the handlebars.

A secondary benefit is that my wife can also use it despite being 12 inches shorter than I. She will need to book it well in advance as I use it daily.

I'm as happy as a child with his first bike.
Good on yer, Giant for looking after the aging population. I hope more invalids learn about your Revive.
Glad to hear the bike worked out for you. Variety and choice are good.

John Riley