Giant TCR1 Aliminum


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Jun 22, 2006
Hi all,

I have just been to my LBS and had a look at the 06 Giant TCR1 Aliminum. Can anyone give me some information on this bike? It is on sale for AU$2299 - Is this a good price?

Can anyone offer a suggestion of another bike to buy?

If it's this bike with full Ultegra with the EA50 bars and stem, it sounds like a reasonable price to me

There are a gazillion choices around, and I reckon a good place to start is it to to figure out what frame material you want and how much you wanna spend (these two are usually related :)), then decide what groupset you want. So, say, for eg, you've decided on aluminium with Shimano Ultegra, comparing prices is much easier.
That price is pretty keen, retail is about $AUD2800 from memory. The TCR frame seems to be pretty good- the welds are neat and it's pretty light- 1200g according to the weight weenies site. When I was looking to buy this model was at the sharp end of the short list

I think Merida offer an Ultegra equiped alu frame for around $2300- I don't know if anyone else does.

I think Trek are probably the only company offering a traditional shaped frame at this price point- everyone else is compact now days. Don't know if this is important to you