Giant tcx slr 2 140 to 160mm rotors


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Jan 3, 2020
Hi guys,

Currently I'm planning on changing the 140mm stock rotors on my Giant TCX SLR 2 for some 160mm but while researching online I found that that might not be as easy as it sounds, in particular with regard to the rear one (the front one seems to be flat mounted so I might just need to flip the mount whereas the rear one doesn't have one and is mounted directly onto the stay). So I'm wondering if any of you guys has done this in the past (supposing you owned one of these CX bikes) and how did you overcome that "issue"?

Thanks for your feedback!
There's probably no point in changing the rear rotor, as your braking capability is limited to the available tire traction, which is always lower at the rear. If the front looks like an easy swap, give it a try. You may need a spacer block, but I'm not sure.