Ginger an Ovarian Cancer Killer

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  1. "Ginger an Ovarian Cancer Killer", Forbes, April 5, 2006,

    Ordinary ginger causes ovarian cancer cells to die, highlighting the
    spice's potential in fighting the killer disease, a new study found.

    Not only did ginger trigger ovarian cancer cell death, it did so in a
    way that may prevent tumor cells from becoming resistant to treatment,
    a common problem with chemotherapy.

    The preliminary findings from researchers at the University of Michigan
    Comprehensive Cancer Center were presented Tuesday at the annual
    meeting of the American Association for Cancer Research in Washington,

    The Michigan team dissolved ginger powder in a solution and applied it
    to ovarian cancer cells in a laboratory. Ginger caused two kinds of
    cancer cell death. The first is called apoptosis, in which the cells
    essentially commit suicide. The second type of cell death is autophagy,
    in which cells digest or attack themselves.

    "Most ovarian cancer patients develop recurrent disease that eventually
    becomes resistant to standard chemotherapy -- which is associated with
    resistance to apoptosis. If ginger can cause autophagic cell death in
    addition to apoptosis, it may circumvent resistance to conventional
    chemotherapy," study author Dr. J. Rebecca Liu, assistant professor of
    obstetrics and gynecology, explained in a prepared statement.

    The researchers' next step is to determine if ginger can achieve
    similar results in animals.

    It's already known that ginger helps control inflammation, which
    contributes to the development of ovarian cancer cells. By halting
    inflammation, ginger may stop cancer cells from growing, the
    researchers suggested.

    More information

    The American Cancer Society has more about ovarian cancer treatments.

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    That's rather encouraging news since my mom has OV cancer.

    We may not have much time left though, should we start ODing my mom with
    ginger now? Or get those ginger extract pills from NUTRAFARM?

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    > Ordinary ginger causes ovarian cancer cells to die, highlighting the
    > spice's potential in fighting the killer disease, a new study found.
  3. Hi HS,

    I wish I knew what I know now when my aunt had ovarian cancer. It
    probably would have saved her life as it did for me. Although I didn't
    even know it when it saved me. Hope that was not to confusing. Anyway
    I think almost everything you need to know is in my story below. I am
    not a doctor, I only have my own experience to go by, and am probably
    the only person to cure themselves with ginger. Unfortunately I can't
    offer any proof as I don't currently don't suffer from cancer and show
    no signs of it. I have some links after the story. Sorry some are
    quite technical.

    Bill's Cancer Cure

    It was a beautiful day. The crisp air still under the clear blue sky.
    Another meeting of three retired gents was taking place. Sam, Jack,
    and Bill have been getting together at this spot for years, always
    eager to shoot the breeze, tell tall tales, and catch a few rays along
    with fresh air. Bill and Sam were sitting on the park bench as Jack
    rolled up his wheel chair beside them. "Good morning", said Jack,
    slightly out of breath. Bill replied, "Good afternoon Jack, its
    afternoon." As Jack and Bill spoke they noticed that Sam was not
    paying attention. He seemed to be day dreaming. They stopped talking,
    waited, then Bill asked Sam, "Sam, wake up, what are you doing,
    dreaming?" "Ah, what?" said Sam. "Are you OK Sam?" asked

    Sam spoke up "I'm not sure, I think I am. I mean, you now when
    something happens and your not aware until long after that it happened?
    Like you see blood on your finger, you notice you cut yourself, but
    you don't know how it happened or when. I think something like that
    happened to me but much worse." "OK I'm game, go ahead" said
    Jack. Sam continued, "Well several years ago I had spasms in the
    nether regions. So I went to my Doctor, he checked me out, I had an
    ultrasound, and he said it's them herbs you're taking. Stop taking
    them. Of course I didn't, and the spasms went away. It was actually
    a different herb called Cat's Claw that seemed to cause the spasm. I
    thought, Oh maybe there is an impurity in it or it's a bad batch or
    something like that." "So you stopped taking it and that's the
    end of the story, right?" asked Bill. "No", snapped Sam.
    "It's just the beginning. What was in the back of my mind was that
    Cat's Claw is an immune system booster that supposedly has some
    anti-cancer properties. What if when I started to take the Cat's
    Claw, my body started to fight something that was there?" Jack
    asked, "So then you had cancer?" Sam continued, "The Doctor said
    no, so I couldn't have, right? So then six months later I get the
    flu shot and then I start to get diarrhea, a little at first, then more
    often, then like every day for three months. Then it got harder and
    harder to go and then it stopped. I thought, finally I'm back to
    normal, damn flu shot." "I never heard of flu shots doing anything
    like that before", said Bill. "Maybe it was a real mild bout of
    that Guillain Barre Syndrome thing", said Jack. Sam asked Jack,
    "Is that a TV repair term, Jack?" "Hey Sam just admit TV repair
    guys are the smartest", Jack replied. Sam continued, "OK Jack TV
    repair guys are very, very smart. So I thought I'm good now. Then
    after a few days I think um like I should be going but nothing. Now
    it's a week and I feel real full, I start to get worried. I start to
    take Stresstabs multi-vitamins, Opti-Minplex + D multi-minerals, Ginger
    Root capsules, and forced myself to drink lots of water." Jack
    asked, "Are those the 500mg Ginger with 5% Gingerol?" Sam replied,
    "Yeah, that's right. I took one capsule then two then three. I
    took more until I maxed out at 6 capsules four times a day. I took
    Ginger once before along with Cranberry for Prostatitis instead of
    antibiotics and it worked, so I thought it was pretty safe. That was
    until my heart started to flutter." "You know," said Jack
    "Ginger is great for flavoring food and an upset tummy but at high
    doses it's different. If you were taking Aspirin or Coumadin to
    prevent blood clots you could of hemorrhaged to death or had a stroke.
    On top of that it is dangerous if you have a heart rhythm problem."
    "Well I'm alive so I guess I'm lucky as well as stupid," said
    Sam continuing. "My heart scared me a bit so I stopped the Ginger.
    But as soon as my heart was OK I started again at a lower dose. I took
    as much as I could until my guts and liver began to ache. That was
    about five days, then I stopped everything except the water for about
    two days." Bill asked, "You felt good when you were doing this?"
    "Of course not" said Sam "I was real tired, slept a lot, felt
    real rotten and weak, it got so bad I felt I had to throw up but
    couldn't. I think the Ginger really prevented me from throwing
    up." "Well then" said Jack. Sam went on, "well my guts
    started to work a little, they were still pretty jammed up, so after a
    couple of days when I felt good enough to continue, I did." "You
    did that for another week?" asked Bill. "Oh no" said Sam "I
    only did it as much as I could which was about three days." Jack
    said with a shrug, "Ah ha so you almost killed yourself to cure
    constipation rather than have an enema." Sam said "If it was
    constipation, once it cleared I would have been back to normal quickly.
    It would not have felt like a big stopper was in my intestine. And
    would not have taken months to heal up. On top of that I had to do it
    again three years later. But the second time it was very easy took
    only a couple of days, but my heart fluttered again. Maybe going to
    the dose that affects the heart is the key. The first time I think I
    was lucky I caught it early enough that I still had good enough health
    that I made it through without kidney failure." "Or your liver
    shutting down" said Jack "look if you thought you had the Big C you
    should have been in the hospital. They could have watched your heart,
    given you dialysis if your kidneys got overloaded. You may have
    something there about the Ginger dosage. I read something on the
    Internet about mitochondria going hyper in cancer cells, maybe the high
    dose Ginger flips a switch and resets them back to normal. But since
    they are damaged or unstable, every once in a while they will need
    another reset. Or like the other article I read about mice treated
    with Ginger for colorectal cancer, you're just a lucky mouse that got
    the right treatment by accident." "Well I'm convinced," said
    Bill "you had cancer, colorectal or prostate or whatever and you
    accidentally found a cure. Maybe it's just that or maybe it's for
    all cancers. I'm going to make a ton of money." Jack mockingly
    said, "Oh yeah, Bill's Cancer Cure." "Why not?" questioned
    Bill. "Preposterous!" blurted Jack getting quite excited "you
    can't say anything, you only have Sam's story. He never even had a
    biopsy or any proof that he actually had cancer. And his treatment
    could be dangerous, if someone was sicker than he was or had a heart,
    or kidney, or liver problem they could die." Bill shot back, "you
    can't let people die! Maybe it is just testimonial evidence, but
    even anecdotal evidence is evidence. Have you every seen Ball
    Lightening? Well I have and it is real." "Look," said Jack,
    "all I'm saying is that you can't go around shooting your mouth
    off. This kind of thing needs a large double blind study that takes
    years and costs millions." "Ah Jack" said Bill as he turned red
    as a beet, "who is going to do that? We're talking about Ginger
    here. Remember Ginger as in Ginger Ale, Ginger Snap cookies and Ginger
    a million different foods? No company is going to spend any money to
    develop Ginger anything even if it's a cure for cancer."
    "Gentlemen, gentlemen" piped up Sam "got you!" Bill shouted,
    "you stinker!" Jack added, "good one!" They had a good laugh,
    sighed, leaned back, and caught a few rays. It was a beautiful day.;23/5/795