Ginger deal


Dave Smith

I finally ran out of powdered ginger a few weeks ago. I was
reluctant to buy another jar of it at $2.99 since bottled
herbs and spices are usually so expensive compared to the
stuff available in bulk stores, so I held off under
yesterday when I was in a mall with a bulk store. I put a
couple small scoops in the bag, about as much as I thought
it would take to fill the old bottle, and then proceeded to
the checkout line where I waited patiently for about 5
minutes before I finally got to pay for my purchase. I was
astounded that it was only 13 cents. I fumbled around in my
change purse and dug out a dime and a nickel. As I was
paying I commented to the cashier about how much cheaper it
was there than in the bottles in the grocery store.

I guess I wasn't listening as she counted out my change, and
I shoved the coins in my pocket. As I approached my car I
was reaching for my keys and came across my change. It
suddenly occurred to me that when she handed me my change
she had said 12 cents. Sure enough, there was a dime and a
two pennies. So it turned out that the amount of ginger that
would have cost $2.99 in the grocery store was only 13 cents
in the bulk store, and thanks to the cashier giving me the
wrong change, it has cost me 3 cents.

My immediate reaction was to think that I should go back and
give her the extra change. Then I re-considered going all
the back to the far end of the mall, the 5 minute wait. It
just didn't make sense for a measly 10 cents. I am sure they
will make more than that off me when I go back in a few
weeks for the preserved fruit I need for light fruit cakes.