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    I really appreciate reading through this forum when I got my giraffe,
    and found some really useful suggestions.

    Now that I have succeeded, I want to add something back to the forum,
    and here it is:

    ::You don't need to be able to ride well ...::

    You don't need to be able to ride a giraffe well to freemount it

    I have had my giraffe for around 3 weeks, and have the "climb" freemount
    completely down pat (10 out of 10 tries). I got this freemount right
    before I could idle on the giraffe (and although I can ride a normal uni
    backwards, I can't yet ride the giraffe backwards).

    I do believe you'll need to be confident at idling on a normal uni,
    before being able to use the climb method for the first time on a
    giraffe. But you certainly don't have to be able to ride backwards on
    the giraffe, or even idle on the giraffe.

    ::A detailed description of the method::

    Here's the method I use for the freemount, in some detail:

    (1) Giraffe upright, facing forward (no twist, or lean)
    (2) Right hand completely down
    (3) Left hand pedal made level (to receive left foot).
    (3) Right hand gripping front of the seat, in the way that you want it
    to be once you are up and riding (ie over the top of the seat)
    (4) Left hand coming from left hand side, on the middle of the seat
    (this will stop giraffe twisting on the way up).
    (5) Left foot heel approximately the diameter of the wheel behind the
    (6) Left foot facing out left (ie not the direction of the wheel) ...
    there is a good reason for this ... it naturally stops your left leg
    pushing up too much (which will just launch you over the Uni, and lead
    to another non-landed-attempt).
    (7) Look up
    (8) You will be concentrating on keeping the uni completely upright
    while you steadily rise up to the right level.

    ... NOW (you need to do the next stuff all in a single fluid (but not
    fast) movement ...

    (9) Leaving your left foot where it is, move your whole body closer to
    the Uni
    (10) Put pressure on your right foot, and use your right foot to stand
    (11) When you are standing up, your right hand will move the seat under
    your goolies (or family jewels) and at the same time your left foot will
    hit the pedal
    (12) You are now on the seat, and the wheel needs to come backwards a
    little to get your balance right.
    (13) You will pedal backwards about a quarter rev, and off you go.

    ::problems I've encountered::

    [] not getting up high enough ... try try again (for me, over 150
    attempts in a row)
    [] going too far over the top ... try try again (and remember - keep the
    Giraffe upright on the way up ... so that your hand puts the seat under
    the important bits)
    [] going too far off to one side ... try try again (your left foot
    placement is important ... read above about the heel placement).

    ::How long did it take ?::

    Day 1 - just jumping up and down and getting nowhere near it
    Day 2 - 160 attempts, 5 successes (pure luck)
    Day 3 - 160 attempts, 25 successes (pure luck)
    Day 4 - 150 attempts, 15 successes (oh #@$%^& !!!) :confused:
    Day 5 - 100+ attempts, 5 successes (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
    Day 6 - 25 attempts, 10 successes
    Day 7 - 15 attempts 10 successes
    Day 8 - 8 attempts 5 successes
    Day 9 - 5 attempts 5 successes

    ... now it is pretty much every time, unless I'm not concentrating, or
    one of my kids gets in the way (I'm 38 ... my youngest is 3 and doesn't
    understand how it'll hurt if I land on him).

    Regards from sunny (and dry) Brisbane, Australia.

    :) :) :)

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  2. I'm glad you added that last bit. I live in Brisbane too. We'll have
    to get together for a ride some time. There are lots of keen
    unicyclists here in Brisbane. Are you at all interested in muni? We
    regularly go on muni rides on Mt Cootha.

    Do you know about The shop is based in Brisbane and
    run by Gary who co-owns Gap Cycles. The website (
    is horribly outdated. A great new site will be up and running in the
    next week or two hopefully. Basically there's a lot more on offer than
    the site says and it's all generally cheaper than it says.

    See my signature for my email address. My mobile number is 0423 516
    982. We should definately get together for a ride. Also check out (Peter van B's and my site).


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  3. Actually, do you mind if we grab those tips for giraffe mounting for our
    Tips and Tutorials site? We already have a video tutorial on giraffe
    mounting but it's pretty basic.


    andrew_carter - Quit jivin' me, turkey!

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    John - mine is a (measly) 5 footer. I am aiming higher, but this size
    lets me ride around my house (ducking to get through the carport - heh

    Andrew - I studied your video when I had the run of bad luck getting
    started. I loaded it up into Movie Maker, and went frame by frame to
    see what you were doing that I wasn't. The bit that really helped, was
    when I realised that you were pushing in toward the giraffe and holding
    it almost perfectly vertical when you stepped up. This was the key for
    me. The key was: don't try and jump on the seat ... the object is to
    get safely into the saddle in balance, not out of it.

    I am very keen to ride more. I need a Muni. I bought the giraffe from
    the Gap store, after seeing it on your website (hooray !). I'd never
    seen a giraffe for sale before.

    I am very pleased for you to copy the tips and tutorials (thanks for
    asking). I am very pleased for anyone else to make any use of them ...
    I am stoked that I can do it now ... after so many dodgy initial

    I am also very keen to get together for a ride (I'll contact you during
    work hours, or you can ring me 3210 0914). My limitation is that
    weekends are pretty full with kid time. My oldest (who is 7) is
    learning to ride "no hands" ... and wants me to buy him a mini uni for
    his next birthday. On the other hand, he also likes mountain b*king
    (you know - with the spare wheel). He'd think it was a hoot to come and
    watch me UPD (repeatedly).

    Speak to you soon, regards (Michael Hains)

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  6. Is it much different gettin on a 6 footer than a five foot giraffe. I
    have a 6 foot - and still unable to freemount. Though i havent
    practiced a ton - i was discouraged pretty easily i spose.

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