Giro d'italia 2016


May 9, 2016
We're getting close to the third week of the race. This is where it all happens, since it hasn't been all that serious yet. Basically it starts tomorrow with a pretty serious ride through the Dolomite's. Saturday there's an even more difficult stage and Sunday there's a time trial up a mountain in Switzerland.

Any of you have been following the Giro and who do you think will win?

Personally I think there are two top contenders and a whole group of interesting riders that will surprise or otherwise fight for the 3rd place. My guess is Nibali and Valverde will battle it out for the win. Not only because they are the strongest and most experienced riders, but also because they both still have a strong lieutenant by their side (Amador and Fuglsang). Then there's a pretty large group of riders that may surprise. These are Amador, Kruiswijk, Majka, Zakarin, Chaves, Uran, Fuglsang and maybe Hesjedal. The rest seems too far behind or not in decent shape. It'll also be interesting to see how the teams battle it out tactic wise. The current leader Jungels will probably lose a lot of time on one of the serious mountain stages, but he may just keep a top 10.
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Not many that seem to follow the Giro I guess, but the race today is why I love to watch his sport. Yesterday nothing much happened, all the favorites looked at eachother and the young leader Jungels lost time on one of the bigger climbs. The #2 Amador took over the lead. Today however everything is shaken up. Kruiswijk and Chavez took off and together they pretty much dropped everyone. Only Nibali was able to limit the time loss. Valverde lost minutes and is very far behind just like the rest of the outsiders. Hesjedal even stepped out the race due to stomach problems.

It looks like a fight for the win between Kruiswijk, Nibali and Chavez. But anything can happen still!

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