Giro Podium under threat? DiLuca, Eddy, Simoni, Ricco abnormal?

azdroptop said:
I surprised you didn't blame Lance and Discovery.... LOL :D
lim has it in the correct order: I would only add below his first two:

1) a french lab LNDD
2) an American Champion Greg Lemond

3) Jack Daniels over overdosing
4) beer overdosing
5) cortisone leutenizing
6) thyroid steroid leutenizing
7) Yellow tie/black tie wardrobe malfunction
8) Will Geoghegan witness tampering malfeasance
9) Team Phonak wacky drug appearances
10) Tyler Hamilton's post menopause hormone HMG
Serafino said:
Here we go again ... from CN:

Italian paper calls Giro doping test results 'abnormal'

This could be a case of jealousy - Di Luca now riding a Cannondale!