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    > From BBC Website, (note spelling of Beinn Fhionnlaidh - shocking)

    Sadly, the mans body was found by a SARDA dog this morning.

    That was a big operation, there were personnel from 7 MRTs and 5 SARDA dogs on the hill today.

    At least the BBC are now getting the spelling right.

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    >Oh I dunno. If it were better known when the maps were first printed that would have been the
    >"official" name from the start.
    >Actually, isn't the "Fh" silent?

    The OS have fossilised alot of names.... In my home village, most names on the OS maps are wrong, or
    at least unrecognisable to the locals.

    The Mamores are interesting. Local folk have English names for them, often translations of the
    OS Gaelic.

    OS Gaelic is often misspelt. They sorted out the western isles with the result that the hill names
    out there are now pronouncable, just like the Welsh names.

    I think we are going to be stuck with the standard mispronounciations of the old Gaelic names of the
    famous hills. May be there will one day be Loony Bins,Cheesecakes and Chrysanthamums (harder to
    spell that than the original) all over the OS data sets.

    Richard Webb