Glucose Drink - Lucozade


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Oct 31, 2005
I'm not sure how well known Lucozade is, but it is basically a glucose drink.

Ingredients from the label - carbonated water, glucose syrup (26%), citric acid, lactic acid, flavourings (including caffeine), preservatives (sodium benzoate, sodium bisulphite), antioxidant (ascorbic acid), colour (sunset yellow).

When I put Lucozade in my water bottle I can cycle for longer than when I have water in there.

Am I doing myself harm in the long run?

Any suggestions on something better to put in the water bottle?
My god, I haven't seen that brand name in .. over 20 years!!! Used to drink it back when, but I don't even remember what for now. Sorry I have nothing constructive to add to this thread. But just looking at the ingredients, it's better than water.