Going to Norway - tips, anyone?

Discussion in 'Touring and recreational cycling' started by oren_hershco, May 17, 2006.

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    May 17, 2006
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    Hello everyone,

    I'm flying to Norway on June 1st, in order to do a 2 week touring ride. My general plan (not that there is a detailed one...) is:

    a. Take a train from Oslo northwards, maybe to Roros, and start riding from there.

    b. Not to go further to the north, in order to save time and expensive flights.

    c. Not to go too close to the west, where it's more rainy than inland Norway.

    d. The trip doeasn't have to be circular - I can take a train back to Oslo from any point on the train lines.

    e. Obviously, I look for secondary paved roads, but good quality gravel roads are also acceptable.

    f. I've decided NOT to take camping gear - just eating stuff (stove, plate, etc) in order to shave weight.

    Any suggestions? Things to avoid? Must-see's?

    Oren, ISRAEL