* ! * GOne TO SnakewOOd ~ ?*



~ * ~
(",) Morning Wood
Flickers... (",) ~ * ~ ~ ~ ~~ A
Never Ending Story
('".,`) Alive ``````````' > + / *^
^^^^^^^ ` ~ 7 Deade ;) 8 Woode 9 oooooo.
The Real Tale, Pip!
Creative Stuff's Gone Way Far Awry, Too,
Too Typography ~ Just Another Logo Family
* Consulted Classic Film Titles ~
Hitchcock's Kids with Witch Flicks
Who Lick *

~ * (",) ~ ~ *(",) ~

1. The Invisible Axis*
2. Getting Things Straight
3. Disguises
4. Wising Up
5. Departures
6. No Heat
7. A Sparrow Is on the Roof
8. House ~ Proud
9. Everything I've Got Belongs to You
* We Visit the Museum and Paint It ~
Lemonwood's Color, A Scheming
Scream Schemes ...
Hue, or Tone?
Gone to Snakewood?

~ * (",) ~ ~ *(",) ~

10. No Time Like the Present
11. In the Long Run
12. Foods for Thought
13. Water, Water Everywhere
14. Nice Eyes
15. The Best of Both Worlds
16. Quoth the Raven
17. Willie with a Taste for Gore
18. Bully for Sarah
19. Seen

~ * ~
* From "Growing Up Rich" with Anne Bernays.
Far From Through ~
~ Of Typography Right, Another Family of Logo ~
* ~ ! Been Scene, or Saw,
Or Just ~ Dust? Or,
, . , . , . ,
If You Lust, Kick Sand, When Done ... ~ ! * * *.
The Voyage of Lets? Yes, You Bet! So,
Let's Right Now ~ ! So,
Like, Know ~ !
The Western Edge ~
Theatre of The Sphere de Wood Shakespeare
Of Production of Morning ~ In Addition to Central
* Arts of Continuation * Embrumant Occupies * It Is a Star *

~ * ~
Blog, or dog? Who knows.
But if you see my lost pup, please bring him home!
I got Leon a brand-new bone.
"Georgioni's studiolo, near Gubio,
Off Fifth ~

Last seen, calculating several scenic Silver
Oblations en our Gregorian
~ George

"O my God.
What's Happening?
What's Next?"
~ Folly

"For a moment we hang
In the timeless space of mutual suspicion.

'My God,' she says.
'What am I doing?'

I stare at her, unable to accuse.
There's just this enormous sense of injustice,
A conspiracy against me,
In which she has a major role."

~ Anne Bernays,
>From "Growing Up Rich"

[p. 214]

"To engineer human,
Engineer as hypothesis ~

To forgive Divine,
If only ..."
~ White Chalk

"... if only,
Forgiveness sought, asked

For, harm recognized, recorded,
~ Folly

"Or if engineered,
Fate yields Happiness ~

A fine address.
A fact, no hypothesis."
~ Twittering

Hypotenuse ~ The longest side of a right triangle,
Opposite the right angle.

Hypotaxis ~ The subordinate status of one
Clause, in relation to another,

Separated from it by a subordinating

Hypostyle ~ With a roof or ceiling
That rests on many columns.

A building or space with a roof or ceiling
That rests on columns.

Hypostasis ~ The essence or reality of something.
Many of the three persons of the Christian

The essential nature of Jesus Christ,
In which the divine
And the human, believed combined.

The abnormal settling of fluid in an organ, or other
Part of the body,

As a result of poor circulation,
In patients kept in bed,

And after death.

Haplology ~ The accidental omission of one
Or more repeated syllables
Or sounds when speaking

Haptic ~ Relating
To the sense
Of touch.

Happy Hard Core ~ Uplifting hard core

Often achieving its emotional effect
By the use of piano riffs over straightforward

Happenstance happenchance happen upon happen along happily ...

My nature, normally ~
To be happy.

I am not
Now. I wish to be.

"Work in the world ~
Very important, Capsicum."
~ Twittering

"Good grrl, Twitty ~ Yes,
Work in the world, very important."
~ Capsicum

"Without ground,
One does not find what's to be found,
What's unwrapped, from what's bound,
What's buried deep in sacred burial mound,
What's Sir Cumference's middle name ~ round,
What's heard from wind's whispering sound,
What's Sterling, and 4 pounds ~

Just ask those ~
Hounds Around town."
~ Folly
"... or emeralds, a sparkling necklace linking putting
~ Folly

"'How To, How Do You


And I thought, yes, this defect adapts
Well for Nigella, too. Bite. Bite.

Or any one

Who writhes like a snake in the grass, snakes 'round you,
Makes you, puts The Make, too,
Pine needles your piano strings, until
The Truth of Its Given

Puts par under 1 on The Emerald's
Greene Olmstead Country Clube,


Gives up foregone obvious conclusions, settles,
Or aspires

Ka ~ Plunk ~ !

For a Higher Aim, A Higher
Orgone ~

L' Aim to play A Round today, Mr.
Hawkins. Play Round ~ Time, hang on the corner
Le Temps with me.

Not mad, that Hatter, but badddder
Each day,

Gone to bed with peanut butter buttering
Up butt ....

But, yesterday ..."
~ Twittering

Knock ~
Knock ~ ?

Dokey Eyore ~ Very Pretty Donkey ~ !

~ Double-A

"A swift fox leaps the garden's copper statuary!"

"A swift fox leaps Copper's garden statuary!"

"A foxy swift en flight lingers, hesitates, glides elegantly
High, dives low ~ Over A Secret Garden
Copper statuary guards ..."

"A good hand ~ spade, a well ~ made hoe,
A well ~ worn gardening glove from
Smith & Hawkins catalogue will do more than nicely,

Thank you
Very much."
~ Mum

Fraud *** Important
UPDATE !!! ***

"Mum called Uncle
Freud. I called Uncle Roughly.

Yep, that's right ~ They collaborated.
Good luck with the lock, Puck ~ !"
~ Twittering

"not ~ !"
~ Folly


"You put a spell on me."
~ Screaming Jay Hawkins

Antidote ~
May be followed by to, for, or against.

An Antidote TO Evil Kin ~ Eval KineSICs.

An Antidote FOR SNAKEbite VenOM.

An Antidote AGAINST inflated CONfabulation.

"He sold a treatment, a therapy, pretending it was an antidote
To all poisoned positions, and obtained a great fame
And name

For himself by long-winded huffs and puffs
On his Bag Pipe and Quack Pipe, smokin'
Crackin' noggins.

And munchin' Dunkin's donuts.

She concocted
An advertisement against Puck's **** for antidote.

Now Capsicum dotes on her

Nibbles affectionately,
Calls her
Her Precious Munchkin from Oz.

An imperfect crime,
A perfect solution"

~ Eyyz Shoppe Therefore I M,
>From "Fables of The Dore Unclockled"


~ * An imperfect crime,
A perfect solution * ~

~ Eyyz Shoppe Therefore I M,
>From "Moore Fables of The Dore Unclockled"

"But I share now your affluence, your abiding influence
At my back, my tickled spine, your warm
Verso pressed upon my recto,

The glassed free ~ standing display
Now on view ~

~ * The Brande Nouveau Egyptian
Wing * ~

And I shall tenderly, lovingly press your
Papyrus script in my book
Of leaves,

Spring's uncoiled foliage, ferns unfurled,
A verdant forest sprouting

Dewly sprinkled with precious perfumed

And henceforth, this forest a fertile crescent wooded antidote
For my and your Black humours ~ So alas, alast,
Know ~

By Appropriate Appropriated
Writ of Cure & Legal Notary of Notification
And Signification ~

A Morning Wood.

~ Charlene Sniffens,
>From "The Mystery of Our Neighbor Hood"
"A key here, you see,
The Unclockled Lock,

The presentation
Of The Thing, Aqui, coddled, ****'s coddle, or cherry
Cobbler? Say,


The other day, only yesterday ~ I heard
When you came by this way,

To see me,
His way
Sounded strange."
~ Black Chalk

"Say, is the thing that you would say, precisely
What I know, too, say ~

If you say, Passage of Which,
And follow me, from above, with Because,

O, say,
What then?

Serpent's dance, or silly séance scene,
A sensuous twining 'round staff of life, a line,
A musical stave,

A clef, a cloven hoof ~ Galloping, or

Silken serpentine curving line describes form, traces,
Content's Dream,

Cloven foot, cleave, or leave, a leaf
Between your sheets?"
~ White Chalk

"Pitter patter, skitter scatter, twitter
Tatter ~

Interwoven cloven paw prints
Step, step off,

Sensuous Tango, tangled dance, romanced pitter
Patter paw
Prints across a page,

Across a forest floor, basil, sage, lemongrass,

Lilac ~

Sensuous silly shimmer, or foraging Fandango,
Fanatically rooting for
A partnered fantailed Phantasmagoric Flamingo,

Flamed farther, scorching borders,
Form's line enflamed, consummate ~ Flight,

Melted, lost original."
~ Black Chalk

"I'm looking for an intellect
for mine is lost, I do suspect.
I think I left it somewhere close."
~ Hier
"Sit ~ Settle, take your shoes

I'll tell you a few dozen doggone tails
Of bygone daze ... and by daze end, smitten
You will be, or call me Twice

Shy. Written
Here, a dog's tale told ~ Know, knot a kitten's
Yarn, unraveled from woolen mitten."
~ Twittering'

"Nor a
Written by
A perfect kitten ~ Pittance paid, not a pity
If paid right. Good riddance
If not."
~ White Chalk

"... may mean you need
To do something. That yarn, O, so unraveled,
So bedazzled, yes, but, O, unknotted,

A Revel
Bedevils ..."
~ Folly
"At six
I lived in a graveyard full of dolls,
avoiding myself,
my body, the suspect
in its grotesque house.
I was locked in my room all day behind a gate,
a prison cell.
I was the exile
who sat all day in knot."

~ Anne Sexton,
>From "Those Times ..."
>From "Live or Die"

[p. 118]

"Twittering, I say

Poetry, a means, not an end ...
Don't let them kill
You. Live.
I say so, and so, I do know, as you very
Well know, me, my words, too,
Exactly what my words
Tell you to do ~


Yes, evil,
Backwards. Goodness knows,
Know confusion, but shine clear,
Translucent ecstasy water ~ washed stream
Over falls ...

A means,
Not The End."
~ Anne To Twittering, come in ...
"........................ Allo ~ ?
Twittering here. Hear you, loud
And clear. Copy that.

Sandy beach?"
~ Twittering
~ * ~
~ * ~ A Sign, A Boarded Shingle
Hung Out TO Dry ~ * ~

! * ! Welcome TO Sex To 'n Wood * ~ ~
~ * Pre Humous * ~

To Bedlam and Part Way Back
All My Pretty Ones
Live or Die
Love Poems
The Book of Folly
The Death Notebooks
The Awful Rowing Toward God

~ * Post Humous * ~

45 Mercy Street
Words for Dr. Y

Last Poems ~

Admonitions to a Special Person
In Excelsis
As It Was Written
Lessons in Hunger
Love Letter Written in a Burning Building
~ * ~
~ * ~ ~ ~ ~ ~ ~
"Anne Sexton as I remember
Her on our first meeting in the late winter of 1957,
Tall, blue-eyed, stunningly slim,
Her carefully coifed dark hair decorated
With flowers,
Her face skillfully made up, looked
Every inch the fashion model."

~ Maxine Kumin,
>From "How It Was,"
>From "Anne Sexton: The Complete Poems"

~ * ~
Yes ~
A Morning Wood Semi ~ OTIC
~ * ~
A means as well an end.
You must seek, yours, trust me.

Do. Do. Do.
Say. Say. Say.
Change. Change. Change.

Yours, my blessing, yours, A Book of Folly,
Too. Together, too, twice

Told our tale. Once knotted, hidden,
Sought ~ Twice tried. Tied, a pretty bow. Know ~
Been to Not, Not

Forgotten. Pretty spots. Polka dots. Lots
Here for you ...

O, so lovely, too."
~ Anne To Twittering, come in ...
A means as well an end.
You must seek, yours, trust me.
Do. Do. Do.
Say. Say. Say.
Change. Change. Change.
Yours, my blessing, yours, A Book of Folly,
Too. Together, too, twice
Told our tale. Once knotted. Been to Not,
Not forgotten. Lots
Here for you ...

O, so lovely, too."
~ Anne To Twittering, come in ...
"... may mean your pretty needs
Mean to know something other. That yarn, O, so unraveled,
So bedazzled, yes, leads

Through a labyrinth, a klew unwound down a graveled
Path, toward a Minotaur's Garden Haven.

But, O, unknotted,
A wily Fox & Mouse Invention craves
Another Tiffany engraved Silver Invitation,

Join Us Graveside
For ~

A Misbehavin' Raven

A Reveler
Bedevils ..."
~ Folly