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    Phonak fire Gonzalez over failed health check

    By Alasdair Fotheringham

    MADRID, Spain, Sept 18 (Reuters) - Spaniard Santos Gonzalez, who
    did not start stage 18 of the Tour of Spain earlier this week after failing
    a health check, has been fired by his team Phonak.

    "I can confirm that Santos is no longer a part of the team."
    Phonak manager John Lelangue told Reuters. "We sent him a fax to confirm

    Lelangue said he could not comment further on the case as Santos
    was taking legal action against the team.

    "I feel very calm, very untroubled by all of this," Lelangue

    Gonzalez was told by the team staff he could not start stage 18
    of the Tour of Spain on Thursday because unspecified physical values from
    tests were higher than those permitted by the squad.

    Gonzalez, lying eighth overall at the time, accepted the team's
    decision even though he said later he did not agree with it.

    Told by the team to rest, Gonzalez took his own test in an
    accredited laboratory in Madrid.

    The Spaniard said afterwards that his values were in fact lower
    than the team limits, which in turn were much lower than those permitted by
    cycling's governing body, the UCI.

    Gonzalez has now decided to take his former team to court.

    Last year, Phonak riders American Tyler Hamilton and Spain's
    Santiago Perez, the race runner up, tested positive for blood doping during
    the Tour of Spain.

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