Good deal on a 2007 Bianchi Volpe?


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Jun 29, 2011
Hey everyone!

I'm just getting into cycling, but I've done a lot of research. I've decided to shoot for the Tiagra component group, and after a handful of test rides, decided to go for a steel frame with a fairly relaxed geometry. This narrowed my search to the Bianchi Volpe, Surly Pacer, Salsa Casseroll, and the Masi Speciale.

I've called around to all the LBS that carry steel frames, and I've only found one bike in my size (61cm). In Oklahoma City there is a shop that has a brand new 2007 Bianchi Volpe. I'm guessing I can get some kind of deal on it considering its age, not to mention they retailed for about $200 less then.

My question is should I spring for a bike this old? I love the bike and will likely order a 2011 if I don't get this one. They have changed a few components over the years, like changing the brakes and crank to Tiagra, but the bike in 2007 was still mostly Tiagra. Has there been much if any change to this component group since 2007? I've looked around online but have not been able to find anything.

How low should I expect them to go on a bike from 2007? I'm going to go test ride it today after work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
There should be nothing wrong with that bike, even though it is four years old. Make sure that you ride it though. Also look at the finish. After sitting in the shop for four years, there is bound to be a scratch or knick in it somewhere. If there is, you'll probably get them to knock a little more off the price. Also, get them to put a new set of tires on it. Tires tend to begin dry rotting at about five years so, if it still has the original tires on it, they are only going to be good for another year. Just remember that they have had this bike on the floor for four years so you have a lot of room to haggle over price. They are probably just as anxious to get it sold as you are to buy it, so get life time tune ups or some other goodies with the bike.

There are no big differences between the 2007 Tiagra and the 2011 Tiagra. From the info that I have on the 2007 Volpe, list price was supposed to be around $900. Also, it has a Shimano Deore Rear Derailleur on it, mainly to accommodate the 32 tooth cog on the cassette. This bike was intended to be a cyclocross bike which is why it has such a big gear. It is a nice bike though. I would at least take a look at it if I lived near Oklahoma City.
Hey, nice to see another poster from Oklahoma! I live in Duncan, about 70 miles southwest of OKC. Bought my Bianchi Via Nirone 7 from The Bicycle Store in Edmond.

Given your criteria, I would have no problem whatsoever buying a 4 y/o "new" bike. Unless you want to race or be highly competitive (which it doesn't sound like you do from your post), I think a bike of that nature would be perfectly suited to your needs.

As an aside.....Duncan has a ride/race at the end of July called the Dehydrator. I'm signed up for the 50 miler. Hope to see you there :)