Good Grief can Performance Bikes be this bad?

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Michael Pearlma

My latest is that Performance told me on a phone order that they had changed
> warehouses and as a result normal shipping would take 10-15 days vice the usual 4-5 days. (And
> it hasn't arrived yet, 9 days later.) Of course if I wanted to pay more I could get it earlier.
> My irate email to their service folks went unanswered. Might be a long while before I order
> there again.

They told me the shipping was slow because of software problems (inet order). My email always got
the same generic response, telling me to include my name/address (even after I included it in ever
email after that)... I got my 2-day order in 6 days. I won't order from them again.
"Maybe you could post your rant a few more times. Just in case...........
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