Good luck to all!!!



Good luck to all that's doing the CANSA Lost City this weekend.

I'm taking tomorrow off and will be going through early tomorrow afternoon.

Drive save and good race.

Hou aan trap!!!
I'm super jealous - was supposed to be home last month for this race.

Had to give my number away....

Have a good one chaps - watch out for the hills hehehehe.
Im unsure of the route or the difficulty of this race but im going to have a jol.starting at 7:30 so have to wake up very early to get there on time(2 hour drive) good luck to all drive safely.
Dr. Jack - if the route is the same it's pretty flat with some gentle rolling hills. I didn't even use the little chain ring in.....
What a great race. I did the 70km. Finished in 2h13m.

I started in Group N and was with the lead bucnh until about 40km when they dropped me. I kept pushing and hooked up with another guy on a Cannondale. We helped each other quite a bit throughout the race and finished together.

Average heart was 181 bpm though. Kinda high.

I also tried using Cytomax for the first time. Seemed to work well.
Think this was my greatest race, ever!! Did the Carousel 2 weeks ago, and although it's a much easier race (and shorter) than the Sun City, I didn't enjoy it as much (had a fall 5km's before the finish).

Did the 103km in 2:56.

Heard there was a lot of accidents on the day. Maybe the organisers can try and get road closure for us next year?
Roadster , Sub 3 - well done!!

I was a bit sick last week and was unsure whether I should race. On Sat my heart rate seemed normal and I was feeling sort of ok so I decided to go for it but to take it easy. Finished in just over 3 hours with an ave hr of 152.
I did it!

I finished my first century for this year. I did not set a record but managed to finish in 3:34, 11 minutes better than my target. I was well on my way to a great time untill we turned into the main road on the way back. That is where the wind killed me and my average dropped form 34km/h to 29km/h.

Ah well, better luck next time.
Well done Mampara. Yup, that head wind was tough. I tried to break away from the bunch but decided to get back into it after a short while on my own.

You're well on your way to a good 94.7 time.
Lab_Rat, I started in the C bunch. Tried to stay with the front group, but their pace was murdurous. The bunch then split and I stayed with the second bunch until the end.
I started in "D". I think we caught you guys at about 50km. We picked up quite a few "C" riders into our group.

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