Good news out of Colorado.

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At least this is a start.

USA Cycling Development Budget Up 20 Percent

COLORADO SPRINGS, Colo. (February, 13 2003) - The USA Cycling Development Foundation has announced
an increase of $100,000 to its annual grant for USA Cycling's athletic programs in 2003. This
commitment to increase funding was made at the Foundation Board's bi-annual meetings in Scottsdale,
Ariz. earlier this month. The Foundation Board has increased its annual grant total from $500,000 to
$600,000, increasing its overall contribution for 2003 by 20%. The USAC Development Foundation has
supported USA Cycling athletic development programs for the past three years, with grants totaling
more than $1.5 million.

You might not like this group at USAC but at least they are using some of the money for cycling, as
opposed to paying the beauty queen. I'm still taking a wait and see attitude, but so far, I like
what I have seen from them now with a few exceptions we've already discussed here. Bill C.
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