Good price? Should I customize my bike instead?

Discussion in 'Bike buying advice' started by ludwigmass, Jul 24, 2014.

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    Hi: what do you guys think of this bike and price tag? A decent fork is important for me (this one has a RockShox Reba, adjustable from 80 to 120 mm). Im not very convinced about the Shimano BR-M395 disc brakes, I would rather have the complete Shimano SLX M670 groupset, which takes me to the question: How much can the price go up if I ask the vendor to change the parts from different groupsets to a full Shimano SLX M670 groupset? And another question: this fork costs, according to their website, anywhere between €470 - €602. The Shimano SLX M670 groupset can be bought at ebay for €400. A decent frame can cost... I have no idea, plus im gonna need a saddle, wheels and tires, frontset and manpower to arm it all... how much could it all ultimately cost? Would you have 29'' or 27'' wheels?

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    SLX is one step below XT ...

    If you are looking at an XXL frame, then you should definitely go with the 29er.

    Regardless, I would guess that 9-times-out-of-10, you are better off buying whatever specific components that YOU want, separately ...

    And then, putting them on the bike, yourself ...

    And then, re-selling the parts which you removed to someone else on eBay.

    FYI. Bikes are currently "on sale" in the States ...

    • a 2014 bike is currently LAST YEAR'S MODEL & should be priced, accordingly ...
    • so, I would think that the price on the particular bike should be closer to €750, or less.