good routes for cycling in los angeles ca


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Nov 6, 2010
what are some good long routes here in los angeles ca. has anyone rode to santa barbara ca? is it dangerous


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Jul 13, 2004
NE Indiana
There are so many you can go nuts. Bike shops carry maps. You could join a club.

Yes I rode from LA to St Barb, and no it's not any more dangerous then riding on a street! I can't remember the exact route any more, but we left Glendale via Glenoaks blvd to Devonshire (but there was some other road we took to get to Devonshire to Glenoaks and can't remember, followed that to Topanga Cyn, then to Santa Susana Pass to E Los Angeles ave thru Simi to Madera rd to W Los Angeles thru to Moorpark then hit old 118 into Ventura to Telegraph rd. From there you dump out onto US 101 and you have to get on and get off the frwy at several different spots including hopping on US 1 (Old Rincon Way or Pacific Coast Hwy). Run that up to Carpintera onto Via Real (and again a couple of other roads can't remember) which takes you all the way into St Barb. Some of the roads may have changed since it's been over 30 years since I did that trip but the basics should still be good.

Never left from LA city itself but Glendale is very close.