Good Video TAPE for power trainers ( or DVD)


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Dec 15, 2003
If you like training tempo at LT at a power watt... and you like video tapes to inspire you for intervals ....... This is not a bad tape to get.

Chris Carmicheals Time Trial tape.

I have 27 biking videos. I have to admit that lately I been doing some Spinervals... But I want to mention on this forum that its a great tape if you want something new to inspire you that you can use on a computrainer/watt meter.... and adapt many workouts to.
I have been teaching spin for 6 years but I get a lot of inspirationg from real biking. I can't convince folks enough to keep their cadences fast and sharp......and build on that their power. Not just do five minute intervals at say...170/200 watts.... but 20 -30 and 40 minutes at LT heart rate. Get real. Get fast.

this is a good tape because you can vary the workout to suit your needs. These intervals WORK for any trainer.

Man if someone out there has a better tape ..please please tell me. I will get it.
I have to have distractions for my trainer. I will stop at 2 minutes unless someone is looking or I have inspiration from SOMETHING. I totally hate 'tempo day' on the trainer. HATE IT> I give up at 20 minutes if someone can't call me up or say GO GO GO to me .
NO tape does this. its discouraging.
some folks dont need it and can do intervals, workouts with no music or anything.
I can't. :(

What you can do with CTS TT .::: Over and unders. ( one minute above LT ( +/5 heart beats if you can) , one minute below LT -5) for five minutes do this at each of his intervals. try to match their cadence.
do the rests.
.:::30% increases in wattage power (actually I can't but in theory its nice to imagine that some of you could..... ....hmmm)

:;;;;;;;recovery ..just put the watts low and go go go fast cadence high rpm.

Chris Carmicheals Time Trial tape. !!

If you have any tapes that you like. Please let me know. SO far I have read NO messages at all concerning tapes....except something about some movies.