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Mr. Beanz

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Aug 18, 2015
Gina has had a tummy problem for a week so she sat out of the rides this weekend. I have done several rides without her over the last few years so have done some good rides. But we frequent the same course making it hard to get trophies on posted Strava rides. One of my buds Tony even posted a comment a couple of weeks ago saying he was surprised that I did a ride with no trophies at all, *******! :D

But this weekend since Gina was sitting out, I figured I would do a long ride. Mike couldn't go Saturday so I did a short fast ride on Saturday and kept the long ride plan for Sunday. Mike is a pretty strong rider so thinking I may be sorry doing a hard effort on Saturday then a long ride on Sunday. o_O

But turns out Saturday was a faster ride than I expected. Then Sunday we did pretty well too on a 60 mile course we haven't done for some time, same trail, just the extended version.

So Saturday was 20 miles at 19.6 average and Sunday was a 60 miler at 17.5.

Not bad! I got 40 trophies on Saturday and 79 on Sunday. So eat that Tony! :eek: :D:p


I am always surprised at how many people post on Strava and don't know how to use it. Especially the "Flybys" feature.

Seems like everyone thinks because you get on Strava, it's all about racing other people. No, you can get on and view other riders who rode with you and near you. I myself think this is really cool. I see points where I cross paths with friends then view what kind of a ride they did that day.

I also view other riders who hopped on our little train, or even who the asshats were that hopped on then sprinted around us after sucking wheel for 10 miles. Entertains me to see some dude who did a 20 miler at 16 average showing off in front of my wife who averaged 17.5 on a 44 miler, yeah she is impressed dude ha ha! :D

But also just like on Saturday eve. I gave a kudos to a guy who hopped on and actually helped out for a few miles, maybe 5. He took the front and took a couple of turns to help out. When he turned off he shouted, "thanks for the help!".

I gave him a kudos on his ride and a comment saying, "thanks for the help!". :D

He was completely baffled with his comment. He asked what I meant having no idea. :confused:

I explained to him that I view the flybys on strava and I saw that he was the guy that helped our for a few miles so I thought I would leave the comment. Then I explained the flybys feature.

He looked into it then later posted a comment saying thanks for enlightening him. He thought it was a very cool feature and had no idea.

I think he appreciated the fact as he does several rides per week. I'm sure this will throw a new dimension on his rides and strava posts. :cool:

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